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Lunch Special

11:00 am to 3:00 pm
Except Sunday & Holiday

Sushi or Sashimi Lunch

Served with Soup or Green Salad
5 pc sushi with a California roll
5 pc sashimi with tuna roll
rawSushi and Sashimi
5 pc sashimi 3 pc sushi with salmon avocado roll

Kitchen Lunch

Served with Soup or Green Salad and White Rice
Curry Shrimp or Chicken
Chicken $8 / Shrimp $9
Vegetable $7.5 / Chicken $8.5 / Shrimp $9.5 / Steak $9.5 / Salmon $9.5
Yaki Udon or Pad Thai
Vegetable $7.5 / Chicken $8.5 / Shrimp $9.5 / Beef $9.5
Katsu Chicken $8.50

Hibachi Lunch

All Entrees Include, Green Salad or Soup
Vegetables (Bean Sprout), Steamed Rice or Fried Rice
Hibachi Vegetable $7.95
Hibachi Chicken $8.95
Hibachi Calamari $8.95
Hibachi Salmon $9.95
Hibachi Steak
(New York Strip Steak)
Hibachi Shrimp
(with Egg Yolk Sauce)
Hibachi Scallop
(with Egg Yolk Sauce)
Filet Mignon Only the Best $13.95

Lunch Bento Box

Served with Soup or Green Salad and Shumai and California Roll
Chicken or Steak Teriyaki $8.95
Shrimp or Salmon Teriyaki $9.50
Vegetable Teriyaki $8.00
Beef Negimaki $9.50
Sushi (5 pc) $12.95
Sashimi (9 pc) $13.95

Lunch Sushi Roll Combo

Served with Miso Soup or Green Salad
 Cucumber Roll Avocado Roll
 Asparagus Roll Shiitake Cucumber Roll
 Peanut Avocado Roll Sweet Potato Roll
 California Roll*Tuna Roll
*Salmon Roll*Yellowtail Roll
*White Tuna Roll  Eel Avocado Roll
*Alaska Roll Boston Roll
 Philadelphia Roll Salmon Skin Roll
 Shrimp Avocado or Cucumber*Tuna Avocado Roll
 Salmon Avocado Roll*Spicy Tuna Roll
*Spicy Salmon Roll*Spicy Yellowtail Roll
 Shrimp Tempura Roll  
Any Two Rolls $9.95
Any Three Rolls $12.95